Student Registration


Student Registration Information

The Registration Process

For registration at any grade level you will need to contact your catchment school. You will be required to complete a standard registration package for each child. These forms are available at your school or online. Please note: There may be other forms to fill in at the school.

Registration Information
Registration Packages
Register Online

In addition to completing registration and all supplementary forms, you need to provide each of the following the acceptable documents:
*Proof of Child’s Age (i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, Certificate of Citizenship, Immigration Canada documentation, Permanent Resident Card, INAC Status Card);
*Proof of Residence (i.e. Driver’s license, utility bill, home purchase/rental agreement)

Any students without Canadian documents and/or proof of BC residency will be redirected to the Principal of International Student Education at Cowichan Secondary School.

Catchment School
To learn what your catchment school is and to obtain school contact information please use the School Locator tool. Simply type in your street name and follow the instructions. We still require acceptable proof of age and proof of address when registering.